We provide scholarships allowing Maasai girls the chance to stay in school.

In Kenya there is a saying “Educate a woman and you educate the whole community”. Educating women is the most effective way to reduce poverty while improving health and development throughout their community. Poverty, cultural beliefs, and transportation hurdles perpetuate the limited opportunities for women. When a woman is educated, she learns how to care for herself  and others.


1 in 10 Maasai Girls Continue their Education beyond 6th Grade

In Kenya, High School is not free. The Maasai are one of the most impoverished tribes in East Africa. Due to cost, distance, and other factors only 10% of Maasai Girls continue on to Secondary School. KCEA Provides Scholarships giving Maasai Girls a chance to stay in school. KCEA scholarships not only cover the school fees and supplies required for attendance but also the cost of transportation, medical expenses, and provide regular Life Skills Conferences for the sponsored students and members of their community.

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