KCEA provides opportunity for girls to remain in school where they have access to basic healthcare, the opportunity to learn, and can empower one another

Education Makes a Difference

Above: Stella awaits sponsorship to be able to return to school.  

Below: Stella is pictured with friends at school where she can study, grow confident and build relationships. 


access to basic healthcare

Teresia at home with her sister Kimberly (left), the journey from her village to school is several hours by car. The remote village she lives, Olenchokoine, is one of the most destitute Maasai communities in the Rift Valley.

While visiting her family on a break from school Teresia was bitten by a stray dog and required medical treatment. John, a KCEA partner, drove several hours from his village to hers to take her to a nearby medical facility. When they arrived the facility was without the needed Rabies vaccine forcing them to travel to another community, Narosura, where Teresia could receive the treatment and vaccine she needed. He then returned her home where she could recover and once recovered transported her back to school.


Recognition and Awards 

KCEA is regularly recognized by the community for their impactful work.