KCEA supports the community by sourcing and transporting wheelchairs to those most in need.

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Catherine Ngere's 'Miracle Chair'

Catherine Ngere is blind and unable to walk. She is the caretaker for her 13 year old daughter. She has never had the assistance of a wheelchair. She burst into tears when her daughter helped her into the chair, and was able to wheel her around in her new wheelchair.

After receiving her wheelchair, Catherine Ngere was inspired to sing! Her life was completely changed after she accepted the wheelchair. With her improved mobility, Catherine began singing in church. She recorded an album, entitled “Miracle Chair.”

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Nakoret receives wheelchair, allowing her son to attend school

Nakoret received a wheelchair. Her son was unable to attend school, as he was her primary caretaker. If Nakoret’s mother or son was unable to assist her throughout the day, she was unable to complete basic tasks, like going to the bathroom.  Now that Nakoret has improved mobility with her wheelchair, her son can regularly attend school, and she can independently complete tasks in her home.

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Working with Free Wheelchair Mission

Obtaining the wheelchairs involved complex logistical planning. After contacting Free Wheelchair Mission, a non-profit in Western Kenya was able to receive the shipment of wheelchairs. After the wheelchairs were ordered and received, there was a 10 hour journey (one way) to collect them. 25 wheelchairs were received for donation.