Enabling students to Reach their Futures

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IMproving Transportation to bring children to school

In 2011, transportation to rural areas were dependent on public transportation and walking. KCEA was able to donate a car to John in 2011, and then replace the vehicle in 2014 with a more robust one! Prior to receiving the car, it would be almost impossible to travel to villages in inclement weather. Now that John is mobile, he can conveniently transport food, visit schools, as well as teaching and organizing youth educational workshops. His wife Paris also uses the vehicle to travel to villages to educate women on Family Planning and Hygiene.

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Navigating Tough Terrain

John was transporting a KCEA supporter from Nairobi. The car began to have mechanical problems, requiring repair. John was able to get the vehicle towed and serviced. The KCEA supporter was given a tour of the villages, and was in disbelief at the almost impassable roads in the area.