Kenya Community Education & Action’s mission is to provide material support for community-based initiatives that expand educational opportunities, provide health services, and strengthen local economies.

Less than 1 in 10 Maasai girls in Kenya will complete secondary school. Nine out of ten will be circumcised and married off before the age of 15.

Assuring equal access and opportunity for Maasai women is a high priority. KCEA works with community leaders and community-based organizations to identify needs and to establish KCEA’s role in addressing those needs. Those principles will give rise to activities such as the following:

Providing education, support, and refuge to women who seek alternatives to their traditional tribal roles; supporting libraries; assisting community members in prevention-based family planning and in prenatal care; identifying opportunities and fostering small community-run economic co-operatives.

KCEA Achieves its mission in partnership with a community based organization MCESP (Maasai Community Education and Support Program). The MCESP organization provides support throughout the Rift Valley including the following programs:

Community Enrichment Projects