Kenya Community Education and Action (KCEA) is a non-profit which promotes education, community health and economic development in women and children in the rural communities of kenya.    

KCEA works with community leaders and a community-based organization (MCESP) to identify needs and to establish KCEA’s role in addressing those needs. Those principles will give rise to activities such as the following: providing education, support, and refuge to women who seek alternatives to their traditional tribal roles; supporting libraries; assisting community members in prevention-based family planning and in prenatal care; identifying opportunities for and fostering small community-run economic co-operatives.

Our church, our people, our entire community holds MCESP in high respect for the tireless service to our people, especially in poor rural communities... metamayiana ntai yesu (God bless you) for reaching the unreached society.
— Bishop Luka Dapash, 2015

How we work